How to Install the TM-210 Tracker

Inside the box of TM-210 tracker you will find a power connection cable with 3 wires.
  • Red: connect to hot power source, which allows the tracker being charged all the time including parking.
  • Black: ground.
  • Orange: No use at this moment.

In order to best protect your vehicle, please connect the red wire to a 5 or 10 amp fuse.

How to Check Installation correctly

You can check the small LED light on the tracker which should flash RED after power is connected. If the LED does NOT flash, you need to check your wires to make sure they are connected properly. Once the tracker has enough battery, the LED will no longer flash.

Where to Mount Trackers

Each TM GPS tracker is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS sensor. We recommend installing it inside of the front panel of your vehicle’s fuse box or power source, INSIDE the cabin of the vehicle (NOT under the hood). You can also hide a tracker behind the radio, other hard-access area or under the dash panel in front of either the driver or passage seat.

Please do not install our trackers inside metal boxes, as the GPS signal cannot transmit properly and this will result in missing tracking data.

You can use industry grade 3M double-sided tape, Velcro, or a zip-tie to fasten your trackers.

How to Replace Older TM-100 Trackers with New TM-210 Trackers

Many customers already use our older TM-100 trackers in their fleets of vehicles. These trackers are already connected using DC converters. Simply cut the wires before (upstream of) the DC converters, and leave small sections of wires which still are connected to power source. You could use 2 splices to connect the TM-210 power cables (red to red and black to black). You can go to any hardware or auto part store to purchase these (cost is only about $5 for 100 pieces).